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Barbara brings over 25 years of project management and user experience design, with a special passion for kids.  She has a background in both language arts and computer science, and offers a distinctive talent for bridging the worlds of both design and production.

She started her career in Los Angeles, working for various large corporations such as Hughes Aircraft and Chevron.  In 1986 she co-founded Netcetera, Inc. and after moving to Northern California in 1995, helped grow the company into a pioneering leader in Internet technology for educational organizations.

In 1993 she took the position of Technical Project Manager for GALAXY Classroom, an innovative educational project.  GALAXY combined engaging curricular material with satellite and Internet technologies, with the aim to help children become enthusiastic lifelong learners.  This project was an early social network for students and teachers, building a unique community of learners who interactively participated with the curriculum and each other.

While working for GALAXY, she read letters from teachers sharing their success stories.  For example, one illiterate 5th grader become motivated to communicate with his “buddy” at a different school across the country and in a short time learned how to read and write.  This was a turning point for Barbara’s career, when she decided to focus on using technology to help children engage and connect with their education in ways that truly make a difference in their lives.

Most recently, she joined Mark Schlichting as a partner at NoodleWorks Interactive, a design group specializing in children’s interactive products and services.  In 2011, she and Mark designed and created the award-winning app Noodle Words, the first in a series of highly interactive word toys.

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