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Tickle a funny bone
and you have made a friend.


When a product is great, it's because kids love it and have an emotional connection to the experience and the content.  To make award winning products, designers need to know how to create those connections and tickle the child's imagination.




Our Master Class teaches your team best-kept secrets to create award winning titles for kids. From understanding ages and stages (who kids are), identifying and using play patterns (what they like to do naturally), to adding audio, humor, and surprise magic (to keep them engaged), this class offers everything you need to know to create joyful experiences that keep kids coming back again and again for more.


This is a 2-day event which covers much of the best information from Mark’s 24 years of experience creating award winning titles and information from his upcoming book, "Understanding Kids: Designing Great Interactive Media for Children". This class is designed to educate and train your team to better understand kids and their expectations of interactive environs.


It is all about how to get behind the magic of great interactive design and what make titles sparkle and engaging both kids and parents. It may include discussions of a team's products under production, but it is really an intense course in making perfect products for children. The Master Class includes hand-outs of tips and tricks and may include an additional day of new product ideation.

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