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          ... adds excitement, humor, curiosity, and the desire for more!


Surprise is a seldom thought about aspect of great interactive design. It creates a spike in attention, ignites curiosity, keeps kids engaged looking for more, and may cause eruptions of laughter and spontaneous delight. Knowing how and when to add moments of surprise to a product is an art form, and in our Design Review process we help your team pinpoint simple tweaks that can create magical moment for kids.



Sometimes a children’s title just needs some massaging, polishing or tweaking of the experience to take it from ordinary to extraordinary. We review product designs, prototypes, and Beta versions finding fixes and helpful tweaks to help your title connect with kids and keep them coming back for more.

Getting a child’s attention is easy, the first time, keeping them engaged is another story. Once you have gotten their attention you have to honor it, and know what things they do and don’t like. At NoodleWorks we are experts in the art of understanding what makes magical interactions for kids, and can help take your product to next level of engagement.

Our Design Review service is a great way to get expert level feedback on your prototype or Beta version product at a reasonable cost. We will meet with your team to understand the goals and target age, and then review your title with an eye to enhancing kid acceptance and usability. We will give you a written review and then meet with your team to discuss ways of strengthening the interactivity and experience, and help take your app from ordinary to extraordinary!

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