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If it moves, it's...
                         ... ALIVE!


When something moves onscreen our brain says “It’s alive", and we are easily willing to invest living characteristics to them. Part of the art of an animated hot spot is to create and support this illusion of life.


Creating characters for specific ages and purposes takes developmental knowledge of the child and what they are looking for in a character relationship. At NoodleWorks we have created and brought menageries of characters to life to sing and dance. 



We know that “Great audio makes poor images look better”, how to bring Content to Life with animation, and that Surprise properly applied can keep kids deeply engaged. Working with our talented team of animators, sound designers and programmers we can help create original assets for your products that delight as well as entertain. Whether it is designing a single character to act as an “agent” or a family of age appropriate characters to populate a world, our NoodleWorks team knows what works for kids and the kinds of characters, jokes and sound effects they love. We can support your creative needs by inventing a look and feel that makes you look better. Let us help you develop great characters for your company.

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