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Noodle Words - Actions


Not all children learn to read the same way. Exposure, repetition, and context all help build relationships to vocabulary and understanding. Noodle Words is designed to offer emerging readers a highly playful place for langage acquisition and comprehension. Kids of all ages can explore at their own pace, and develop a love of word play through direct interaction. With it's charming characters and delightful play, Noodle Words is designed to draw-in even the most hesitant early reader in a fun way.

Noodle Words is a word toy for kids ages 4-7, an innovative new concept for introducing words and their meanings through engaging interaction. 

Noodle Words includes 18 action words (verbs) that convey their meanings through lively movement and sound.  The Noodle Bugs further reinforce word comprehension as they enthusiastically act out each word's meaning with their silly and spirited antics.  Young readers can interact with the words or the cute bugs using the iPad's touch screen.  They literally play with the words to make SPIN spin and JUMP jump.



Expressive Words

Includes 18 action words (verbs) that convey their meaning through lively movement and sound; Spin spins, Jump jumps, and Sparkle explodes with sparkly goodness.

Invites Play

Open-ended and kid-driven design engages and appeals to even the most hesitant early reader.

Dynamic Interaction

Optimized for ages 4-7, with quick response, emotionally charming characters, and interruptible interface.

Word Learning

Teaches vocabulary, meaning, and word comprehension.

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Highly Animated

Filled with rich animation, with over 100 lively and humorous bug and word animations.

Appealing Characters

The Noodle Bugs, Stretch and Squish, further reinforce word comprehension as they enthusiastically act out each word's meanings through their silly and spirited antics.

Animated Tutorial

Innovative tutorial movie helps users learn how to use the device and app. Completely interruptible at any point.

Multi-Touch Interface

Uses many of the Apple touch interface options as play features: tap, drag, swipe, as well as a device shake and the microphone are all used to bring the words to life.

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